Lion King Baby Simba Hand-Painted Limited Edition Cel - ID: apr22157

Lion King Baby Simba Hand-Painted Limited Edition Cel - ID: apr22157 Walt Disney


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A hand-painted limited edition from the Walt Disney Studios animated film The Lion King (1994). Featuring Mufasa, Sarabi, and Rafiki celebrating the birth of Simba, the limited edition cel was recreated by the Walt Disney Studio using traditional animation techniques and original Lion King artwork. The background is an authentic computer enhanced recreation that has been lithographically printed on high quality paper. Measuring 20.5"x25.5" framed with the mat opening measuring 11.25"x16.25", and the character image measuring 11"x14.5", the limited edition is in fine condition, unexamined out of frame, and includes the original studio certificate of authenticity.


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