Dragon's Lair Dirk & Singe Publicity Cel - ID: jundragonpub6397

Dragon's Lair Dirk & Singe Publicity Cel - ID: jundragonpub6397 Don Bluth



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An original publicity cel from the Don Bluth Studios cult arcade game Dragon's Lair (1983). The hand-painted cel features Dirk the Daring standing brave before Singe. It was created at the studio with the intent of being marketed as a limited edition. Don Bluth's studio was notorious for missing deadlines due to their desire for the highest quality animation possible. This need to focus on the animated films directly conflicted with marketing animation artwork to consumers, so many pieces of this Dragon's Lair limited edition were left unnumbered. The overall measurements of the piece are 13.5"x16.5" and the character image itself measures 9"x11.5". The cel is in very good condition with minimal line wear and is paired with a color copy reproduction background.

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