Meow! Catwoman Giclee on Paper Limited Edition by Alex Ross - ID: AR0325P

Meow! Catwoman Giclee on Paper Limited Edition by Alex Ross - ID: AR0325P Alex Ross




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Meow is an Alex Ross illustration originally created and donated by the artist to help raise money for an animal charity. Catwoman is portraited with her beloved felines. Selena Kyle, one of Gotham's most notorious cat burglards, has donned a myriad of disguises that have aided in her quest to steal jewels. In his drawing, Ross pays homage to her original costume, a purple evening dress-and-cape combo, which is much tamer than today's spandex catsuit, equipped with claws and a whip. At times a friend, a foe, and a love interest to Batman, Catwoman can be as unpredictable as her four-legged friends. Meow! joins a series of prints rendered in a more minimalistic style. Each print measures 22.75"x17" overall with the image measuring 20"x16", and is elegantly presented with hand-deckled edges, creating the ultimate presentation. Published in a limited run of only 50 prints in the regular edition, each print is signed by Alex Ross and comes directly from the publisher.

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